Wormald Security is a Tier 1 systems integrator and has partnered with the key CCTV IP Video Management providers including Geutebruck, Milestone, Genetec and Avigilon. In addition, we ensure that we have suitably skilled and certified engineers for each product who can provide you with the right solution and skills to suit your specific requirement.


The video surveillance technology landscape is rapidly expanding. At Wormald Security, we are at the forefront of new advancements in IP video capability including video and audio analytics. Today, an effective IP CCTV video surveillance system can incorporate video and audio analytics to raise awareness of issues or aid rapid video archival searching for first responders and evidence.

Utilising high resolution megapixel and low light technology, more data can be captured with far fewer cameras than ever before. The latest video streaming technology and video archival techniques enable longer storage retention than previously possible and offsite IoT cloud connected solutions for redundancy or archival purposes.



The increased power of today’s computer CPUs allow far greater effectiveness of specialist designed video analytics solutions, which have come of age for use in well-designed solutions.


  • Facial recognition can be used in everyday environments for whitelist and blacklist personal identification, rapid location of individuals on a campus, hospital, or local area, or to simply verify staff and visitors for VIP customer service or access control.
  • Video analytics can aid marketing and customer experience, providing demographic trend graphs people counting, age, sex, and repeat visitor analysis with data readily available as required.
  • Behavioral analytics that monitors vehicles and pedestrian behavior can alert control room operators or mobile device users of potential issues.
  • Injury prevention using rule analytics to monitor and encourage staff behaviors can aid health and safety procedure adherence 24/7.Utilising analytics in the right applications enables an IP video system to become an active scenario monitoring tool to raise awareness, reduce physical labor resources and increase safety adherence and issue monitoring and reporting.

Environmental Health and Safety

Through our commitment to Zero Harm, our robust and dedicated Health and Safety department ensures we leverage best practices to ensure safety of employees, public and site personnel across all facets of our business. Wormald are accredited to AZ/NZS4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

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