The Wormald Security service team can ensure your security system is kept up to date and working as intended. During our service and maintenance inspections we can test all your devices to ensure they are 100 percent operational, check performance levels, assess historic trend variances and system loads then make adjustments and/or recommendations as required.

Having an effective maintenance plan has numerous tangible benefits including:

Risk mitigation

  • Minimise disruption to business due to burglary or system failures that prevent staff access
  • Providing staff with the safest work environment possible
  • Reduce cyber risk with an up-to-date software maintenance agreement, IT hardware refreshes including issuing patches and updating firmware and passwords.

Compliance with regulations and policies

  • Insurance companies may require security systems that comply and are maintained in accordance with the Australian AS 2201.1 Standard.

Monitoring total cost of ownership

  • Software maintenance agreements to keep your software up to date and avoid future costly upgrades caused by computer operating system updates
  • Minimise power consumption through smart future system design improvements using high efficiency power supplies (where nominated), server consolidation, and high-density equipment.

Peace of mind, knowing

  • Your system works how it was intended when you need it most
  • You are providing a safe work environment
  • The cost of your system upkeep today and in future as well as being fully informed and ready for any future upgrade requirements.


Wormald security can tailor a system maintenance plan to ensure your system upkeep suits your specific needs and risk profile.


Proactive service monitoring

Wormald Security can provide you with a cost-effective intelligent video monitoring application to proactively alert you should a key component of your video surveillance system fail.

Gone are the days of looking for video footage of an incident only to find the system clock was incorrect, a drive had failed to record, or a camera had been repositioned or failed. We can now proactively and silently monitor your system to alert you when the failure or change occurs and then arrange to address it with a technician immediately.

This is an ideal entry level reactive solution to highlight issues that require resolution.

Software maintenance agreements (SMA)

Software maintenance has become a necessity in everyday life and is a vital requirement for any security system. While your computer will issue regular updates, new releases and sometimes patches to help mitigate risk, enable new features and improve functionality to ensure it keeps pace with the rapidly changing technology requirements of the IT. industry, there are critical upgrades that are regularly required to maintain your surveillance system.

When your security software vendor develops a new feature, or issues a service pack, you should apply these updates to your system immediately, just as you do with your operating system. Wormald can provide you with a software maintenance plan for your system in conjunction with or without a physical maintenance plan.

IT refresh plan

The investments in IT equipment within physical security solutions is increasingly growing. The inevitable future capital expense of replacing IT servers, PC’s and other hardware can be quite a surprise when they are not forecasted appropriately. Wormald can keep you abreast of your future requirements and even provide you with an IT refresh plan inclusive of maintenance to ensure any upgrades to your IT assets are made without any risk.

Maintenance inspection plans

Preventative maintenance involves onsite inspections during which a variety of system tests, adjustments and programming changes are performed to ensure the system is functioning as designed and in line with any new requirements you may have. The intervals between onsite maintenance visits are often annually, 6 monthly, or quarterly, although sites that are critical in nature may require technicians and engineers assigned to maintain their systems full time.

Comprehensive maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance is the gold class level of maintenance which can include the cost of some or all replacement items inclusive within the maintenance plan’s ongoing costs.

Environmental Health and Safety

Through our commitment to Zero Harm, our robust and dedicated Health and Safety department ensures we leverage best practices to ensure safety of employees, public and site personnel across all facets of our business. Wormald are accredited to AZ/NZS4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

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